Tips to Manage Anxiety – Stop the “WHAT IF” Game!

This article is the third post, in a series dealing with the emotion of anxiety. In the first post “Is Anxiety an Emotion?”, I explained the difference between the two types of anxiety: “Healthy” and “Toxic,” and in the second post “Is Fear Anxiety?” I introduced the “what if” game. This article is going to continue by focusing on the “what if” game as it is played in relationship to Toxic anxiety and then provide tips on how to STOP the “what if” game.

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Is Fear Anxiety?

The answer to that question depends on who you ask and on how the two phrases are defined. Like many words in the English language certain words can be used in a variety of ways and mean different things. Fear is one of these types of words. So, from this writer’s perspective, the answer can be both “yes” and “no.” Continue reading

Is Anxiety An Emotion?

Many people wonder if anxiety is an emotion? If you have read my previous post, “What is the Purpose of Emotions?” you would know that I presented the idea that the purpose of emotions is “to alert us to the fact that something is “off” in our emotional world.” Using this understanding of the purpose for emotions, will allow us to provide an answer to the question “Is anxiety an emotion?” Continue reading

What is the purpose of emotions – good or bad?

You’re here because you’re wondering what the purpose of emotions is, why do we have these feelings, both good and bad, that significantly affect our lives? For most of us, experiencing the emotions we consider positive isn’t the issue, we like those. Where we struggle is with the emotions that don’t feel good and we don’t like to experience them.

Experiencing what is called negative emotions, is not something most of us enjoy or desire, but they are a part of life. This begs the question of what is the purpose of emotions, especially those that don’t make us feel good? My goal in this article is to help you understand why we have emotions and what purpose they serve. Continue reading