Taming Your Inner Critic


Which Inner Critic do you deal with?

The Perfectionist, who tries to get you to do everything perfectly, and when you fail, tells you that you can never do anything good enough?

The Inner Controller, who tries to control your impulsive behavior, such as overeating, getting mad, using drugs, or engaging in other indulgent behavior, and when you fail shames you and tells you what a failure you are?

The Taskmaster, who tries to get you to work hard in order to be successful or please others and tries to motivate you by telling you that you’re lazy, stupid or incompetent?

The Underminer, who tries to undermine your self-confidence and self-esteem so you won’t take risks that might end in failure and tells you that you are worthless and inadequate and will never amount to anything.

The Destroyer, who attacks your fundamental self-worth by deeply shaming you and telling you that you shouldn’t exist.

The Guilt Tripper, who attacks you for a specific action you did or didn’t take in the past that was harmful to someone, especially someone you care about.  This Critic might also attack you for violating a deeply held value and constantly makes you feel bad and will never forgive you.

The Conformer,  who tries to get you to fit a certain societal mold or act in a certain way and attacks you when you don’t.

Do any on these resonate with you?  My guess is that the answer is YES.  Most people have at least one or more of these Inner Critics who negatively impact their lives and most of us would love to have the opposite, an Inner Champion, who empowers us.

Internal Family Systems, is a powerful intervention that is able to transform your Inner Critic into a powerful Inner Champion.

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